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Website: The Wild Focus Project

Blog: Backyard Experiments

Interactive iBook: Animal Tales: Kruger National Park

Podcast: "Museums and Their Role in Modern Society"

Website: The Wild Focus Project

The Wild Focus Project ( is an online community and resource for wildlife photographers, conservationists, and nature lovers. The goal is to bring together photography and storytelling to protect biodiversity. The site features stories about nature photographers (refer to the Writing page to read one), information about biodiversity and conservation, a forum, and a blog (updated every Friday). I created or sourced all of the content, and designed the website. The Wild Focus Project has public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Click to enlarge images.


The Home page on the Wild Focus Project

The Biodiversity page on the Wild Focus Project

A blog post on the Wild Focus Project


Blog: Backyard Experiments

My Wordpress blog ( was aimed at a target audience of children aged 8-12 (or their parents, guardians, or teachers). I demonstrated fun science projects that could be done at home, and explained what was going on in each one. I was unable to continue posting to the blog due to time constraints from other science communication projects, but I would like to become active there again in the future. Click to enlarge images.


Interactive iBook: Kruger National ParK: Animal Tales

I wrote a book about the wildlife of Kruger National Park in South Africa, using each of the "Big Five" game animals to focus on different aspects of biology, conservation, and park management. Refer to the Writing page to read an excerpt from the book. In addition to writing the text for this book, I also designed the layout and added interactive features. The book was published in January 2017 in the iBookstore, and is free to download on any iOS device. Click to enlarge images.


Tapping on a paw print reveals extra information and fun facts.

The main focus of the book is Kruger's mammals, but the final chapter focuses on some of the park's other wildlife.


Podcast: "Museums and their Role in Modern Society"

I recorded, edited, and produced this 12-minute podcast about the relevance of science and natural history museums in the digital age. It was broadcast on Our Changing World, a popular science program on Radio New Zealand, in January 2017. Listen here, or visit the RNZ website.


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