Interpretive Panels for Westland Tai Poutini National Park, New Zealand

New Zealand's Department of Conservation (DOC) commissioned me to create new interpretive panels for the walking trails out to Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier on the West Coast of the South Island. There are five double-sided signs for each trail. The panels focus on climate change and how it affects the glaciers. Each A2 sized panel was designed to be placed in a specific location along the trail. Click to enlarge images.


FRONT: Seen as visitors walk from the carpark to Franz Josef Glacier

BACK: Seen as visitors return to the carpark after viewing the glacier


Shedding Some Light: Interactive dark skies exhibit

This exhibit focused on the problem of light pollution in Dunedin, New Zealand, and how it affects the environment, the night sky, and businesses. It discusses and demonstrates different types of streetlights that the city was considering installing at the time. I conceived, designed, and managed the construction of the exhibit, and organized the other team members. Click to enlarge images.


The exhibit was a hexagonal structure. There were three chambers that each contained a miniature working model of a different type of streetlight: shielded high-pressure sodium, blue LED, and amber LED. The chambers were built to simulate nighttime, so all other  light was blocked except for pinholes in the back wall, which simulated stars. Visitors could look into the chambers through a small window, (made by embedding clear protective goggles into the outside panel) and see how each type of streetlight would affect the night sky. Each chamber was covered by an informational panel listing the pros and cons of the type of streetlight modeled inside.

The yellow boxes indicate the position of the window cutouts.

The spaces in between the chambers were covered by larger panels addressing the following topics: "What is Light Pollution?", "Why Does Light Pollution Matter?", and "Light Pollution Solutions". The hexagonal structure of the exhibit allowed visitors to approach from any direction, and the panels were designed so that a visitor could start at any point. We also provided the opportunity for visitors to leave their thoughts on light pollution and streetlight options in a comment box.


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Concept art for an exhibit on intelligence

I conceptualized an interactive exhibit about bird intelligence for the Exploratorium in San Francisco, but due to a number of constraints, the exhibit was never actualized. Click to enlarge.